Aluminium Extrusion

A dream is the stepping stone for any major accomplishment and people are required to make it a realization. Bhoruka Extrusions Pvt Ltd. is a state-of-the-art organization with a eclectic mix of great talent, leading Aluminium extrusions, given a security of innovative technologies and a service catering exclusively to customers.

In recent times, the Aluminium extrusion company has earned a distinction in the manufacture of aluminium structural extrusions such as doors, shutters, curtain walls, partitions, glazing, windows, etc. The manufactured products add to the beauty of the interior decor with the novel styles and designs. The increased usability and efficiency of the manufactured products have helped to build an extensive client base in India, and have earned a great reputation. The brand carries an extensive array of products from which the potential client can choose from.

The state of the art manufacturing facility is equipped with an automatic PLC controlled 2750MT Cheng Hua press, 1650 MT Wean United and a compact 980 MT Year Chang make Oil hydraulic extrusion press which can be adapted to extrude billets having a diameter of 6”, 7”, 8” and 9”. All of the hydraulic presses have closed speed controls and are highly stable. Hot Log Shear from Granco Clark, USA, which are automatic puller and handling systems, produce high quality aluminium extrusions which are free of bending and twisting.

The belt system that manages the aluminium extrusions helps to maintain the luster and smooth finish of the soft metal. The billets for extrusion are cast within the facility in a DC Caster, having an optimum chemical composition, which filters the processed metal through ceramic filters to clean and refine it effectively for a superior output.